The objectives of the Foundation

  • Curate national and international exhibitions, conferences on history and sports history.

  • Present, process and study the legacy of Hungarian Jewish athletes, sports leaders and coaches

  • Keep Ferenc Kemény’s legacy and spiritual heritage alive, publicize widely his life’s work

  • Cultivate the legacy of athletes, sports leaders and coaches persecuted, harrased and killed during totalitarian regimes, process and widely present their work and achievements

  • Collect, process, professionally store and archive as well as publish records of Hungarian historical, sports historical and cultural historical heritage

  • Extend relations of cultural affairs and sports diplomacy

  • Investigate the Holocaust, do additional historical background research

  • Cooperate with universities, museums, libraries and diplomatic missions in drafting and realizing common educational and scientific projects

  • Protect Hungarian cultural tradition, preserve built and natural heritage

  • Produce and publish printed matters and audiovisual materials like films

  • Organize cultural (literature, music, art) and sporting events as well as leisure activities

  • Facilitate young people’s physical, psychological, spiritual and social development

Activity of the foundation: scientific activity, research, learning and education, skills development, cultural affairs, preservation of cultural heritage, monument protection, promotion of social equality of underprivileged groups, health care, social and sporting activities.

In order to achieve its objectives the foundation carries out the following charitable activity: [according to Ectv. (i.e. Act No. CLXXV of 2011 on the right of assembly, status of public benefit purpose entities, activity and funding of NGOs) § 34 article (1), point a).]

Charitable activity

Public benefit purpose

Provisions of law

  1. Scientific activity and research. Development of a scientific research strategy, promotion of research, international publication of results are governmental responsibilities according to Act LXXVI of 2014 § 4, article (1).

  2. Education, dissemination. Public schooling and adult education are responsibilities of the state according to Act No. CXC of 2011 § 1 article (2) and § 2 article (1).

  3. Cultural activity. Cultivating cultural traditions and values of communities is the responsibility of local municipalities according to Act No. XX of 1991 § 121 point a).